M5™ Single-Space Smart Parking Meters

M5™ Single-Space Smart Parking Meters from IPS Group Inc.

7737 Kenamar Court San Diego, CA 92121

Company Profile
IPS Group, Inc. provides customers and their patrons with an intuitive and convenient parking experience which is more cost-effective, customer-friendly, and reliable than alternatives. The patented IPS Smart Meter retrofits into current on-street parking meter housings, and offers multiple payment options (coins, credit/debit card, smart card, tokens, pay-by-phone, and optional NFC/contactless payment). The IPS single-space Smart Meter boasts unparalleled power efficiency and utilizes solar-power technology. Each Smart Meter is wirelessly networked to a state-of-the-art Data Management System which provides customers with a wealth of real-time data. Click here for a demonstration of how to use IPS parking meters.

Key Features:
•Patented meter mechanism accepts payment by coins, credit/debit card, smart card and tokens, pay-by-phone and optional NFC/contactless payment
•Wirelessly networked to a web-based, SaaS management system—no additional communications infrastructure required
•Retrofits into existing meter housings/poles, and maintains all current meter enforcement and collection processes
•Solar powered with rechargeable battery pack
•PA-DSS and Level 1 PCI-DSS Certified


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