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Integrity Parking Systems, LLC
9828 East Washington Street
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023
OFFICE 440-543-4123
FACSIMILE 440-543-4131
LED MIXED UP WITH 2015 Rydin Decal | 700 Phoenix Lake Avenue Streamwood, IL 60107 | Toll Free: 800-448-1991 | Local: 630-483-4321 | Fax: 630-483-9281 |

James (JIM) V. LaRocco, 440-543-4123 ext 222 Managing Partner
Jack R. Santa, a founding Partner with the company,

With such a strong background in airport parking operations, Integrity has been selected by both public and private firms to assist with airport consulting projects including contract development, parking facility development, on-airport parking expansion feasibility studies, shuttle systems development and enhancement, and shuttle vehicle leasing and sales.Parking Facility Development:The management of Integrity Group has a combined 72 years of experience in the parking and transportation industries, and has a track record of doing it right the first time when developing large parking facilities in the United States and Canada. Satisfied customers from Canada to Connecticut to Cleveland to Houston can vouch for our design and development experience.Parking Operations Management: Managing a parking operation is more than just pointing cars to empty parking spaces and collecting money. For repeat business, the parking experience has to leave patrons feeling that: 1.They and their cars will be safe. 2. They are treated both professionally and with courtesy. 3. They are receiving value for their money at competitive rates. 4. They have positive experience with no hassles. This is the type of parking experience that you expect from Integrity Parking because nothing less would meet our own high expectations for our employees. The company has built its reputation upon its professional, efficient and honest dealings with customers. And, we know that everyday our reputation rides in and out of the parking operations we manage with each of our parking customers.Parking System Advisory Services:Integrity Group is a network of parking/transportation professionals who provide advisory services based upon their years of industry leadership. All of our consultants have learned the parking business from actually operating lots and garages. They now use that experience to assist other public and private entities.It is no secret that parking represents a valuable asset to any airport both in terms of customer amenity and revenue generation. Just as taking steps to enhance the customer experience is important in any airport management strategy, so to is being pro-active in protecting parking revenue from both unintentional and intentional diversion. Among the many services that Integrity provides is Parking Revenue Audits.Ground Transportation:Integritys comprehensive management of an organizations transportation system not only includes providing the buses that transport passengers to and from parking lots, consolidated car rental facilities or intra-campus circulator systems, but it also oversees the hiring and supervision of all the personnel needed to efficiently operate, maintain, and coordinate the day to day operations. Covered Parking:Integrity in conjunction with Protek Park Systems, a division of Rough Brothers, inc., is your source for the finest in parking lot roof structures. Designed with cantilevered metal or fabric roofs and state-of-the-art protective joints and coatings, these handsome units protect your customers and employees year-round from snow, ice, hail, sun and rain.