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The Consulting Engineers Group works with you not for you. We are a full-service consulting firm with parking planners, engineers, and architects. CEG provides parking studies; architectural and structural design services; operational analyses; garage condition surveys; restoration planning; design/build services; revenue control; and general consultation. As a customer of CEG, you are assured of professionalism, experience, thoroughness, timeliness, and innovation. Offices in Illinois, Texas, New Mexico, Minnesota, Florida.

Mission Statement
1.People are CEG's most important assets. Fair and honest treatment of employees must be maintained at all costs. Professional growth and personal job satisfaction must be one of the most important goals of the firm.
2.A superior service is expected by our clients. By aiming for excellence the firm will attain the desired company goals.
3.The objectives of our clients are also our objectives. CEG must continuously initiate and maintain services which will help clients with their objectives.
4.The health and well being of concrete design and construction is essential to the success of CEG. Uncommon efforts must be devoted to advancing the industry.

CEG provides professional engineering services in parking consulting to a long list of agencies and private developers. The engineers and planners associated with this group have some 150 years of experience in the disciplines involved. During the past 37 years, the firm has provided consulting and assistance in several thousands assignmentsthroughout the United States and overseas.
The clients served by this group are represented in the following categories:
?Municipal parking systems and parking authorities
?Other governmental units
?Development Districts
?Colleges and universities
?Hospital/medical centers/health care facilities
?Mixed-use development - both public and private
?Shopping centers
?Residential centers
?Architects and contractors
?Building owners and managers
We provide the following services either one at a time or in combination depending upon the need of the client:

?Master planning and site selection
?Feasibility and bond issue analysis
?Project concept and functional design studies
?Revenue control systems
?Management and operation studies
?Signage and security programs
?AVI and intelligent parking systems
?Airport landside ground transportation
?On-street enforcement review
?ADA compliance review

As a client of CEG, you are assured of professionalism, experience, thoroughness, timeliness, and innovation.