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Q-SAQ, INC has partnered with ELKA-Torantriebe GmbH. ELKA is a leading European manufacturer of high-quality gate openers and barrier systems located in Northern Germany.
Q-SAQ and ELKA have a full partnership for the North American market and with the combined knowledge, experience, and product from both organizations, we will provide the right approach and offering for our customers.
Our number one goal is to provide clients with excellent product quality and support from day one. We are guided by the principle that every customer is important in order to keep their business. We offer a fine selection of high quality parking barriers and pedestrian gate products and we combine them with our focus on service and customer satisfaction.
The ELKA gates and barriers set standards through innovation – the know-how of 35 years of experience.
We offer a complete line of products to control vehicular traffic into your parking areas. From barrier gate operators, to access control systems, pedestrian gates, and barriers, and vehicle detection systems, Q-SAQ can provide the complete solution for your parking control needs.
Our Parking Lot Arm Gate, provide the highest quality and durability at a fair value. The functionality provided with our standard offering of the Parking Barrier Gate Systems is unmatched in the industry and the products do what Parking Lot Barrier Gates should be doing – work for a long time without any issues.
There is a lot said about who has the best parking lot arm gate in the industry. We can show it to you that our products work and work for a long time.