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Simplified Parking Management
Rydin's suite of parking control solutions includes Parking Permits, Permit Distribution, and Parking Management Software. If you are looking to simplify the management of your parking program, then we've got you covered.

High-Quality Parking Permits:
Hang Tags, Decals and Stickers, and Temporary Scratch Off Tags are made to meet your specific parking control needs. Eliminate counterfeit permits by adding special security features such as Barcodes, Holograms, Hot Stamps, and Destructible and Reflective Materials. For added durability, Rydin Composite Lamination will give your hang tags a professional, credit card-like look. Need RFID? No problem! We also offer RFID technology in our parking permits.

Permit Distribution Services:
Eliminate long registration lines, slow processing and the numerous hassles associated with parking permit distribution. With our Permit Distribution Services, our experts will send your permits to your students, faculty and staff. This time-saving solution improves customer service and allows you and your staff to focus on higher value activities.

Rydin PermitExpress™ Parking Management Software:
Easily and effectively manage parking permit registration and sales, permit distribution, citations, appeals, and driver and vehicle information. PermitExpress™ is a secure, web-based software solution that is easy to use and features a powerful, comprehensive set of administrative and data management tools. Your important parking program information is organized in a centralized database, and is updated in real time, so you and your staff will always be in-the-know. And since it s web-based, you can access PermitExpress™ anywhere you have an internet connection.

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