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Founded in 1997 by former parking operators, TPN is a parking consulting firm specializing in the financial and operational aspects of the parking industry. TPN s extensive operational and financial reviews are unparalleled in the industry providing clients with an in‐depth analysis of their parking operation. In addition, our process educates clients on the industry and provides innovative solutions to parking challenges.

♦ Financial and Operational Reviews to ensure strict quality controls are in place to protect your parking revenue and the integrity of your assets.

♦ Will provide you with an in‐depth analysis of your parking operation,
while further educating you on the industry and offering useful solutions to parking challenges.

♦ Our reviews are available in three tiers (silver, platinum and titanium), depending on your facility's specific needs as well as Segment Reviews, which isolate a specific area of concern for your facility.

TPN full‐scope reviews focus on several facets of a parking operation:
♦ Contract Parking
♦ Financial Statements
♦ Revenue Controls
♦ Marketing
♦ Transient Parking
♦ Validation Controls
♦ Expenses
♦ Procedures

Proven Operational and Financial Review Process:
♦ Our experienced professionals have completed hundreds of reviews for all types of parking operations.
♦ 28% of additional revenue is found in the average parking facility through our proven process.
♦ We will bring you invaluable knowledge and control solutions
designed to increase parking revenue.